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Oct. 19th, 2017 08:19 pm
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I met friends today for afternoon tea, the scone and sandwiches and little desserts. I am full and sluggish and not inclined to productivity. So I shall natter a bit about bunnies, or more precisely, bunny failures.

Brother got everyone tickets last week to a blues/rap revue called Take Me To The River. One of the many things I don't understand about my instinctive reactions, I don't really like listening to music I don't know. Particularly live; I hate feeling trapped. And I rarely listen to blues or rap. The show started with a fellow singing 60s classics, Otis Redding, etc., so this was good. But then it moved to other people I didn't know singing songs I didn't know, and I just felt tense. IDK why. I tried mindful watching, let me study each musician in turn, but that didn't work, so of course, I thought, I shall fanfic this! But that proved difficult. I couldn't see my OTPs as jazz musicians. I could totally see David Hewlett being a saxophone player, but not Rodney McKay.

For some reason, IDK why is getting to be the phrase for the night, I thought of the Jean-Claude Van Damme movie Time Cop. And the scene where he walks through time onto a highway, almost gets hit by a semi truck, and drops to the ground as it passes over him. (But then I thought, isn't he in a device that shoots him through time? So I'm not sure I'm remembering the scene right, or from the right movie.)

But anyway! Those who have stayed with my muddled thoughts, then I pictured Qui-Gon and Obi-Wan walking out of time onto a highway in the desert. They were dressed ala The Men In Black, though Qui had his long Qui hair instead of the short cut favored by MIBs, and Obi had Ewan's Shallow Grave hair. They were time cops, Obi would be the trainee of course. But then I thought, no maybe the MIB clothing isn't right, they should be more casually dressed to fit in with the era. But then what would they be there to fix? Xanatos, of course. Xanatos would be the time meddler, sorta like the fellow in Timeless. But would Qui and Obi be from far in the future or recruited closer to the time they were fixing? Maybe one from both!

And I am thinking Time Cop or Timeless or some blend? I've only seen Time Cop once, around the time it came out. I remember it as an enjoyable exercise in watching JCVD do splits and kick people. I should see it again.

Anyway, that never got much settled, but it was distracting to contemplate, and at least got me through to when everyone in the revue all did Take Me To The River together, which is a song I love, and the show was over. Thank you, this mundane town of mine, where live shows end by 9:30 so everyone can get a good night's sleep before work the next day.

So anyway, back to tea. I go monthly with friends, and occasionally contemplate trying to fanfic it, which also doesn't work. Even when I try Norrington, who absolutely should drink tea, what would be the sound of air escaping from a balloon? But one of my friends is always scouting out new tea places, and she's been wanting to try this place which regularly posts about tea dueling on their FB. Tea dueling, sounds cool, right? Dueling could be slashy.

We went last Saturday to a special Halloween tea with tea dueling, which turned out to be not anything I would have imagined. IDK if this is unique to this place or done in other cities. Two people sit across the table and dunk a cookie in their teas as the audience counts down to 10. Then they pull out the cookie, hold it in front of their faces, and stare intently at it. Whoever surrenders first and eats their damp cookie before it disintegrates on their fingers, the other person wins.

This is seriously freaking strange, IMO.

But! There was a wrinkle on Saturday, in that someone bought very durable cookies, so they weren't disintegrating. The emcee would have the contestants move their cookie back and forth, or get up and walk around the table, still staring intently at it, for up to 7-10 minutes before a cookie would finally disintegrate or the emcee would call a draw.

A fellow at our table explained to us the strangeness of this lengthy time and compared it to other tea duel nights, as this was not his first time watching it. My friend who is crazy about tea asked several questions about the schedule, she seemed quite sincerely interested. Me? That was a unique and interesting experience, and I am glad to now know what it is, but once was good. I never knew dueling could be so disappointingly unslashy.

I was going to take my car to the car wash and stop at the nursery for new plants tomorrow, but rain is predicted. And with those plans, surely rain will indeed come. My brain is a little less sluggish now, I must contemplate my to-do list options.

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Oct. 19th, 2017 06:01 pm
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I finally got a good photo of Maggie and Duncan together. It would have been nice if Duncan had been looking at me, but as soon as I got his attention Maggie got up and moved. Sigh.

Maggie and Duncan sitting in the sun looking very adorable

I didn't post at all during last year's baseball season, but many of you probably know that I'm a huge Cubs fan, and, yes, the World Series was amazing. I cried like a baby when the Cubs when the NLCS. After game 7 of the series, I was so numb that I just kind of sat there smiling, then I kept randomly bursting into tears for the next few days. What an incredible relief.

Things aren't going as well this year, unfortunately, but that's OK. Hopefully it won't be another 108 years before next time.
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