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I've started ripping out my garden, and preparing for planting winter vegetables. I need to write down the highlights of how this year went, so I remember what to plant next year.

Tomatoes: well, there's a reason why they call us SacraTomato. Tomatoes rocked again this year, though neither of the two small tasty red ones did well. Which was okay, as the small yellow one, that was supposed to be a pear tomato but was very un-pear-shaped, did excellently. I must plant the tomatoes farther apart next year. They rapidly merged into a tomato thicket, which made picking difficult.

I have two batches of spaghetti sauce, two batches of tomato soup, and four bags of cut-up tomatoes in the freezer. I'm ready for the winter.

The beans were good, but they didn't produce a lot. Must get two packets of bean plants next year.

The peas died almost immediately. :-( Must read more about peas and see what I did wrong.

I'm giving up on melons. By the time they develop well, they've started rotting.

But the pumpkins made me happy. Four this year, up from one last year. I must find that black bean-pumpkin recipe again. It looked like gray sludge, but it tasted fantastic. And I'll have enough pumpkin for pie too, whee!

The corn was fun but the ears weren't that tasty. I may try them again.

Zucchini rocks. This year I must get some picked before they become too large for anything except bread or cake. Though the bread and cake were both very good.

The Japanese eggplant was again a good producer, though I must figure out what to do with it. I mostly gave it away to co-workers. I'm giving up on regular-sized eggplant. It doesn't develop well.

The cucumber was fabulous. I have to remember that the plant spreads out though, and give it more room to grow.

The Jalapeno and the second pepper did well. The third pepper got buried by the cucumber. Again, I must figure out what to do with peppers. My brother ate most of them this year.

The straightneck squash did well. The crooked neck squash seemed to be mislabeled, and was actually a gourd.

The strawberries made me very happy. I was able to wander out there several nights and snip off enough for a healthy dessert. And yay, they don't have to be replanted every year.

The artichoke is rejuvenating itself. It did really well in May-early June (though ick, creepy earwigs in every artichoke) then died back most of the summer.

So some successes and some misses, but overall a great garden this summer.


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