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It's a rainy start to the new year, which is fine. I had a not too late night, but rather a tipsy one, so am moving slowly today, finishing up the last of the Christmas undecorating.

I made it out during a break to thin the radishes... they are growing well but the carrots and onions haven't come up. I'm hoping they are slower than radishes, and weren't killed by the freeze a few weeks ago.

I'm hopeful for a good year, though mostly for 'more'... more organized, more productive, more exercise, more healthier eating, more family harmony... I hope everyone had a good Christmas and New Year's and you get more of whatever you want too.
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I've started ripping out my garden, and preparing for planting winter vegetables. I need to write down the highlights of how this year went, so I remember what to plant next year.

Tomatoes: well, there's a reason why they call us SacraTomato. Tomatoes rocked again this year, though neither of the two small tasty red ones did well. Which was okay, as the small yellow one, that was supposed to be a pear tomato but was very un-pear-shaped, did excellently. I must plant the tomatoes farther apart next year. They rapidly merged into a tomato thicket, which made picking difficult.

I have two batches of spaghetti sauce, two batches of tomato soup, and four bags of cut-up tomatoes in the freezer. I'm ready for the winter.

The beans were good, but they didn't produce a lot. Must get two packets of bean plants next year.

The peas died almost immediately. :-( Must read more about peas and see what I did wrong.

I'm giving up on melons. By the time they develop well, they've started rotting.

But the pumpkins made me happy. Four this year, up from one last year. I must find that black bean-pumpkin recipe again. It looked like gray sludge, but it tasted fantastic. And I'll have enough pumpkin for pie too, whee!

The corn was fun but the ears weren't that tasty. I may try them again.

Zucchini rocks. This year I must get some picked before they become too large for anything except bread or cake. Though the bread and cake were both very good.

The Japanese eggplant was again a good producer, though I must figure out what to do with it. I mostly gave it away to co-workers. I'm giving up on regular-sized eggplant. It doesn't develop well.

The cucumber was fabulous. I have to remember that the plant spreads out though, and give it more room to grow.

The Jalapeno and the second pepper did well. The third pepper got buried by the cucumber. Again, I must figure out what to do with peppers. My brother ate most of them this year.

The straightneck squash did well. The crooked neck squash seemed to be mislabeled, and was actually a gourd.

The strawberries made me very happy. I was able to wander out there several nights and snip off enough for a healthy dessert. And yay, they don't have to be replanted every year.

The artichoke is rejuvenating itself. It did really well in May-early June (though ick, creepy earwigs in every artichoke) then died back most of the summer.

So some successes and some misses, but overall a great garden this summer.
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Title: The Working of Time
By: [personal profile] sac_whovian
Rating: G
Genre: gen, episode tag
Warnings: none required
Summary: Did you ever have an odd little fantasy of a filler scene you'd like to see because it would help right an injustice in canon? This is mine.
Word count: ~1000
Note: Follows "Flesh and Stone" and contains spoilers for various episodes of the 10th and 11 Doctors.
Disclaimer: Doctor Who belongs to the BBC.

The Working of Time )
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This isn't a great meta post, but a recollection of an experience with a paraplegic co-worker. I kinda think of it as... there's more to being a paraplegic than just losing your legs.

It was probably 6 years ago, and I was working as a representative of my division to Facilities. One of my guys, the paraplegic, emailed me that because of his new wheelchair, he needed his office door modified so it would open mechanically. So I dutifully sent the request to Facilities, on their proper forms.

Ah, but Facilities hated to change the building because of people's needs. Truly, the building is meant to be maintained and protected against human degradations in their opinion. So they had to be convinced that the door needed to be changed, and came over for a meeting with the guy.

And indeed, his wheelchair was quite large and sorta stretched out, and he had a hard time opening the door and then maneuvering his wheelchair through it. He could manage getting in when he had the hallway to back up and reposition, but once inside he was essentially trapped unless someone opened the door for him. Emergencies particularly concerned him.

The Facilities guy was clearly not buying that this maneuver was so incredibly problematic that it justified the expense and trouble of putting a mechanical opener on the door. So he asked, but what about going to the bathroom? Which seemed a rude question to me, and asked with such an undertone of 'gotcha, you're exaggerating the problem,' that I kinda wanted to smack him.

The paraplegic didn't seem to hear the undertone (or was so accustomed to being doubted he toned it out), but he was a garrulous talker, so he responded happily and thoroughly about his colostomy bag. Alllllll about it. In great detail. And how if it got full during the day, who helped him empty it.

Even threw in a little bit about his bedsores, IIRC.

So then I wanted to snicker. Because omg, the Facilities guy really wanted to escape, because he was not remotely interested in some co-worker's colostomy bag. I nodded intently and looked fascinated, encouraging the paraplegic to continue, 'cuz you know? You doubted him; you get to listen to his explanation.

Needless to say, the paraplegic got his door redone so he could open it with a remote.

He died last year, of pneumonia that he probably wouldn't have had except for the continual health issues he experienced since the car accident that paralyzed him. I didn't know him well, but I miss him, and I was always glad he was able to articulate his needs so well and make people understand.
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Happy... Boxing Day, everyone! I don't actually know what that is, other than the day after Christmas in England. I hope everyone enjoyed a very merry Christmas. I certainly did, relaxing with family, getting nice presents, and eating too much.
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I rewatched Image of the Fendahl, for the first time in 15 years or so. (I'm trying to type through a cat. It's a little difficult.) I had totally forgotten that "Carnell" was one of the scientists in Fendahl. He's cute in Fendahl but somehow not as devastatingly attractive as he is in... I don't even remember what Blake's 7 episode that was, only that he was a psycho-strategist, and the scene where he gets the one piece of information that makes him realize he'd given Servalan bad information, and he hotfoots it out. And that he was SO incredibly hot. OMG, that man's eyelashes. Guh. I'm down to the last few Professionals episodes, and need to get back to rewatching Blake's 7.
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I've made it up to The Professionals: Discovered in a Graveyard, which I remembered distinctly from Doyle getting shot and Bodie being all angsty. (Boys!) I totally forgot everything about 'the leader of the fake Asian country being assassinated' plot, including that the assassin was a young Asian woman. That seems so novel for the time, a female assassin, except of course, it still seems pretty unusual. Women don't get to be revolutionaries that dedicated, do they? Or maybe I no longer watch comparable spy shows? I could be missing the right genre shows.
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I've been rewatching The Professionals... I'm on "Lawson's Last Stand." I like the ones with straightforward plots about loonies or criminals the best, better than the diplomatic-spy ones with fake countries.

But I can't believe I didn't even recognize the psychologist in this ep... the glasses and mundane haircut threw me, until I walked into the kitchen for more water so only heard his voice, smooth and delicious... omg! That's first Travis! Ah, Stephen Greif, it finally came to me. He doesn't sound menacing like when he was Travis, but his voice is still very distinctive.
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Testing cross-posting... tap, tap tap.
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I was amused by the third picture -

"A fictional mutant in a mechanical shell" - and here I thought the Daleks were real! Hee.

And actually, the 9th one looks like it should be a costume in a Doctor Who episode. Though I'm not sure the designer would appreciate that suggestion.
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A woman stayed by my cube today to ask who handles an issue. I directed her to the correct person. And then she hung around to describe some earrings at the craft faire, and how they were so cute and shaped 'like that Star Trek symbol.'

Seriously... I'm not that much of a geek I'm going to buy earrings for *work* because they're shaped like the Federation symbol. No! I'm not!
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The holiday weekend has been so nice and I don't want it to end... *sniff*
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I've started rewatching The Professionals, a couple of episodes while I was decorating the tree and working on Christmas cards. I'd forgotten both how very snarky/witty all three of them could be, and how sexist. The humor makes me laugh and my eyes are getting a good rolling work out at the sexism. I'm watching from the beginning as I have all the episodes in order (I think) so it'll be interesting to see the show develop. The first time I watched was all out of order.
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Thanksgiving was a great day, and I decorated my house for Christmas today. And ate so many leftovers that even after doing the treadmill for 30 minutes, I'm still full.

I love holidays. :-)
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I hope everyone is having a great Thanksgiving... or just a wonderful Thursday!
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I made a pumpkin pie this morning... oh, the lovely smell of mixing the sugar with the spices, and then the pie as it bakes. So wonderful.
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I should have been doing Thanksgiving prep, but I watched the last two Sarah Jane Adventures instead... awwwww... So sad. *sniff*
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My cubicle neighbor is on the committee to organize the Christmas luncheon. It's almost funny, in the most sardonic sense, the number of times she's come over to complain about the petty disagreements among committee members about How Things Should Be Done. So much for it being the season of love and good will toward all people...
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I am not ready for Thanksgiving... I'm very glad I took Wednesday off. I'd be happier with myself if I could keep things cleaned up/uncluttered, so there wouldn't be so much to do to have company over...
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One of those weird things... I haven't really been impacted by the rise in gas prices. I drive a car with great gas mileage, my commute is less than 20 miles round trip. I fill my tank up about once a month, so a $25 expense went to $42 or so. Big whoop.

But I was driving home tonight from the baby shower (which went quite well, yay) and saw gas at $1.93. I wanted to whoop and stop and fill up (even though my tank's still half-full) because... OMG. GAS FOR $1.93!!!!
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