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Jun. 28th, 2017 03:24 pm
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I'm 2/3rds through my birthday, I am not at work and have done nothing productive. I think this is a fine way to spend a birthday. Slept in, went out to breakfast, and then did some shopping. Came home and watched the Fred Astaire-Ginger Rogers' The Gay Divorcee. I'm not normally one for dealing with breaking up relationships, but I must admit something about the days when one had to stage an affair to get a divorce with the resulting slapstick of multiple men hiding in the bedroom appeals. I must contemplate.

Dinner later today at Dad's. Now I think I will answer feedback from the story which I posted on Sunday. That's a productive thing, but pleasant.

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Jun. 26th, 2017 06:50 pm
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I vaguely recall coming up with creative titles for my posts, once upon a time. Ah, fuck it.

Soooo, I've been idle-ish, sort of. I did go to see Wonder Woman....was it last week? Week before? Mostly, I really liked it. I *adored* the bits with the Amazons [Robin Wright <3 <3] and liked the middle bit pretty well. Gal Gadot was excellent, and the other actors were fine. The thing fell apart at the end with dumb CGI and too-high stakes, as per DC standards, and some of it was such a shocking, blatant Captain America ripoff that I gasped and was like "Oh, no, you've GOT to be kidding" out loud in the cinema. Ack. That said, again, mostly I enjoyed it.


I binge-watched GLOW this weekend on Netflix. I never thought I'd be into it - it's about the Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling, and the only reason I checked it out was that it takes place in the 80s and I love me some 80s kitsch. Holy shit was it good. A mostly female, and diverse cast, yay, great acting, excellent storytelling. I may just watch it again, just to take it in at a more leisurely pace.

Speaking of 80s kitsch, I also watched Less than Zero on Friday night. OMG. I haven't seen it since....well, since the 80s, I guess. We had to get in all sneaky-like to that one because it was rated R and we weren't old enough - ooh. So Robert Downey Jr. and James Spader were good - poor RDJ, I wonder if he ever thought back on that role as some portent to come - but Andrew McCarthy and Jami Gertz, holy schlamoly did they suck. Jami Gertz was REALLY pretty. I don't know what Andrew McCarthy's excuse was. I never got his appeal. [I thought Andi should have ended up with Duckie instead of Blane in Pretty in Pink, you know? "I believed in you, you didn't believe in me" - what a cop-out bullshit line that was] Anyway, I forgot it was based on a Bret Easton Ellis book, which I've never read, but if you've read any Bret Easton Ellis you can probably fill in the blanks yourself. I can't remember what I thought of the movie when I saw it back in the day, but on Friday night, seeing it as a jaded 45 year old, it was pretty bad. So 80s, though. So, like, totally awesomely 80s.

Also recently watched I Love Dick on Amazon, about obsession, sex, and art in Marfa, Texas. If you've never heard of Marfa, it's the town where the artist Donald Judd plunked down and made his home, and apparently now it's become oppressively hip. The show was great, funny, with an excellent cast.


In reading, I decided to revisit the Patrick Melrose novels 'cause BC is going to play Patrick Melrose in a Showtime series I think? Anyhoo, I realized I hadn't read the final book, At Last, so I had to remedy that, but I read the rest of them beforehand so I could re-familiarize myself with them. Yikes. I'd forgotten a lot.

So, Patrick Melrose undergoes a terrible, terrible trauma at the hands of his father at the age of five, and the books follow him into a drug-addicted young adulthood and beyond. Patrick Melrose is not a nice guy. He's miserable, self-loathing, a snob, full of contempt and a corrosive, lacerating wit that hurts and pushes away far more than it amuses and gathers [matter of fact, there are very few sympathetic characters in any of the books]. You can see why and how that is, but it's not exactly endearing. And yet...I do end up feeling for him, even though I don't *like* him. That may be because I am a product of the same trauma [not at the hands of my dad, though, bless him], and I understand that endless wellspring of rage - I'd be curious to see what someone with a 'normal' childhood makes of it.

I should add that the books are romans a clef - the author, Edward St. Aubyn, was similarly traumatized and drug-addicted and so on. I recommend the books. They're not comfortable reads, but they're fine books. I look forward to seeing what BC will do with the role - and I do wonder if he will be portraying Patrick as a very young man, as his drug-addict period takes place in the books at the age of 22. BC can pull off youthfulness quite well [The Hollow Crown comes to mind] but I wonder about this. Hm.

I also read Fingersmith which was much, much better than I'd anticipated. I wasn't a big fan of Tipping the Velvet or The Night Watch but this one skipped right along, very brisk. The very, very end was something of a disappointment, but otherwise I liked it quite a bit.


So, I got my royalty payment, and as I said, most of it is going toward medical bills, but I did save a portion of it to have some fun. I decided to spend it on perfume, BECAUSE I DON'T HAVE ENOUGH. [spoiler alert: I have way, way too much. Fuck it. You only go round once, and I want to go round smelling pretty] So, I trolled eBay and got a tester of Diva by Ungaro and Paloma Picasso's self-titled perfume, two mega 80s scents. I adore 80s scents, and I particularly remember smelling scent strips of Paloma Picasso in the Architectural Digest magazines my mom used to read and just swoooooning over them. I'm pleased to report that it is just as divine as I recall. The Diva is also lovely, but less distinctive than the Picasso.

I also got a small bottle of L'Occitane's Eau des 4 Reines, which is a rose fragrance. I've always had trouble finding the right rose perfume, and I think I've hit on it at last. This is lovely and rosy, but not too....bathroom cleanser on me. Thank god.

The last one I got was the biggest disappointment. *sigh* Years and years ago, my bff's mom gave me this little Ralph Lauren makeup kit. It had two eyeshadows, a deep sparkly plum and a sparkly pink, a brick-colored blush, and a pinkish lipgloss. It also had a little sample of Tuxedo perfume, of which I took one whiff and fell instantly, deeply in love. It was soooo grown-up and sophisticated. I doled that stuff out like it was unicorn tears, and I even kept the tiny glass tube when it was gone, just to smell the remnants.

Well, Ralph Lauren hasn't made Tuxedo since the 80s. It was a failure as a perfume - I think maybe women thought it was too butch or something? Lauren was much more popular. [I love that as well, though I have to say the reformulation sucks balls. Only buy the vintage versions] Anyway, I've been mourning its demise for years and years, and yearning for its return.

Apparently there's a company called Long Lost Fragrances, and a perfumer called Irma Shorell who recreates defunct scents. Fragrantica users recommended the company, and I discovered that she had a version of Tuxedo, and there was a one ounce bottle available for sale online. [There was a four ounce bottle too, but that seemed like a hell of a commitment, plus it was 80 bucks, a lot for a blind buy]

I snapped the bottle up and got it last week....and I don't like it. I sprayed it and immediately was like OMG YUCK but you know, you've got to wait for the middle notes and then the drydown. Well, the middle notes were no fun, and the drydown was awful too. I am crushed I tell ya, crushed. :( I don't know. It's very much a cold-weather scent, so I'm going to wait until it gets cold and try it again. [although Diva and Paloma P are cold weather scents and I loved those immediately so....] If I don't like it then I guess I'll put it up for sale on eBay. But I am so bummed. It doesn't smell at all like I remember. So either I'm not remembering correctly or they just didn't get the scent right. Scent is SO evocative though. I feel like I would know, and remember if they'd gotten it right. :(

Oh well. Three out of four ain't bad.


I have my next chemo in a week. My platelets are low, but hopefully they'll go up and won't delay things. I am supposed to be careful not to bruise or cut myself. Then, at some point after chemo, I go for my CT scan. *crosses everything*


I managed to get another chapter of my Cabin Pressure fic out! I need to be more disciplined about that. I mean, part of the summer has been just a total shitfest with illness and other stuff, but I think I can start re-structuring and getting my shit together to write regularly, for Christ's sake.


That's about it. Have a great night or day. :D


Jun. 21st, 2017 09:18 pm
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I rewatched Jurassic World on Sunday afternoon, part of my ongoing 'it's too hot outside to do anything, I don't care I have the AC cranked inside.' I enjoyed it again, though I still think the first was the best. I had thoughts of picturing my OTPs in hunter-type clothing (yum!) but no real bunnies.

I finally watched the last two episodes of Supernatural. I'd been putting them off, partially because I expected spoilers, mostly a little grouchy )

I gave my 90th pint of blood today at the mobile drive at work. I appreciate being able to donate and feel good about it, but I gotta admit, weird things were annoying me, especially having to confirm my name and birthday over and over again. It's one big room, do you think someone snuck in and took my place? Are you concerned I'm getting senile? Why the same questions over and over?

There was another article on the heat in the newspaper. One of the record-setting days was back in 1925, it mentioned, before the invention of air conditioning, when people used to sleep in screened-in porches and on sheets that were cold from being kept in the ice box. I'm weirdly captivated by this notion, cold sheets fresh out of the ice box. It makes me want to write a historical AU, but one item is not a bunny.

The cats have been inside early the last few nights, and not made me track down any of them. I think they like sleeping in the AC. I wonder if they'd like chilled sheets.

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Jun. 21st, 2017 08:26 am
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Hi all. It's been ages since I posted and if I put it off much longer it's going to turn into one of those situations where I keep procrastinating and end up not posting for months, so.

Anyway, I went to the Pittsburgh area recently to see my sister and to go see U2. It was a terrific experience. I was afraid I wouldn't be able to go because of my health, but because it was right before a chemo treatment I was able to make it, even though I had to go to a hospital there to get bloodwork done, bah.

What follows are a bunch of pictures: of my sister's gorgeous farmhouse that was built in 1875, of her new small house that she and her husband built while they're restoring the old farmhouse, of Pittsburgh and the show, and a couple of random others.

check it out! )

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Jun. 21st, 2017 03:12 pm
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Still alive. Need to up my meds a bit, I think. Hypomania sucks.

Been doing a daily thing on tumblr this month. Didn't actually think of it until a bit over a week ago, boo. Anyway. Lego Pride. An example -

A different pairing every day, leaning heavily on Star Wars. :)

And now it's time to go to work. It's my Friday. Two classes and I'm done until Saturday morning. Yay.

Take care, y'all.

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Jun. 17th, 2017 07:56 pm
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For the first time I ever recall, I am contemplating sleeping with the AC on. I don't do this, because the Delta breeze comes up every night and the temperature drops.

But we're in three days of record-breaking temperature, according to the paper. I can survive until Tuesday, I thought, beginning to read the article. Tuesday is going to be 108, which is hotter than today (103) or Sunday or Monday (both 107), but June 20 has been 108 before. It's not a record.

Oh, glad we got that straight.

Yes, sleeping with the AC on is looking good.

I was going to catch up on email and DW/LJ comments this afternoon, but ended up watching a WWII movie called The Devil's Brigade, about the First Special Services Force, a joint American-Canadian unit that was dropped behind enemy lines in Italy. A friend's father was in the unit, and now I shall have to tease him, because the Americans are presented as the dregs of the army. I do enjoy the slashiness of a large group of men bonding, though no tangible bunnies hopped out.

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Jun. 16th, 2017 05:09 pm
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I had a dream. I suppose we all dream every night but I rarely remember mine and I'm fine with that. Dreams are weird.

I was meeting up with two slasher friends at one of their places, only she lived in a trailer park, instead of the apartment she actually has.

A package was delivered, and she had me open it, though I don't know why. It was potpourri she'd ordered.

I had a hissy fit over something, though I don't recall what. I felt left out or neglected in some way.

The TV was on as we were visiting. An actor was being interviewed. It was an actor I knew in the dream, but not in real life. He was leaning against a wall, and the camera kept drifting down, only his chin still visible, and showing his shoes. I'm not sure if they'd be considered loafers or boat shoes, but he kept fidgeting, lifting his feet out of his shoes. He wasn't wearing socks.

In the dream, I remembered that there had been something else recently about feet, but I couldn't remember what. But so we got talking about feet and the eroticism of feet.

Then I woke up.

Potpourri and hissy fits and the eroticism of feet... WTF? Dreams are strange. I will go back to forgetting them.

Though now I'm trying not to think about how the Jedi would keep their feet meticulously clean, because they'd get so stinky after long hours in those big boots...
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